Add extra depth and dimension to your image by having your canvas or poster prints mounted onto 18mm MDF blocks.

Poster prints are first laminated and then vacuum-sealed onto the blocks using dry mount tissue. The edge of the block is bevelled at 45 degrees and you have the option to have the sides painted matte black, white emulsion or left as natural MDF.

Canvas prints look exceptional on MDF too. The image is applied by first heat-sealing it for ultimate protection and then mounted onto the MDF block using dry mount tissue. The canvas print can be finished by leaving the sides plain, or having the sides painted either with matte black or white emulsion or by 'gallery wrapping' it round the sides of the block so that the sides of the block become an integral part of the picture. Please state your preference when ordering.

*Framing job must exceed $100 and be submitted within 2 months of registering your details. One voucher/discount per household

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